Thursday, August 1, 2013

Nailtini Straight Up color Nail Lacquer

RATING (out of 5 stars): 4 stars

COST: $13

THE SKINNY: You have to giggle at a polish that bills itself as a "cocktail for your nails." Especially when it comes in Bloody Mary red.

Nailtini's Straight Up line lasted about a week on my toes (base coat + one layer of red + top coat). The tips didn't chip, despite a hard week of running, sports, yard work in flip-flops, etc. My nails did show wear at the bottoms, but not much.

This is a pretty color that goes on thick enough for just one coat.

The brush is a decent width, making it easy to apply to toes.

KEEP OR TOSS: Keep. You can't go wrong with red nails that don't chip.

CHECK IT OUT: Talk about colors. Just the Straight Up line has 30 colors.

-- Tested by Shay

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