Monday, November 14, 2011

Urban Decay Loose Pigment

RATING (out of 5 stars): 3 stars
COST: $20 (but often on sale on the Urban Decay website)

THE SKINNY: Urban Decay is one of my favorite makeup brands. The eye shadow line offers a variety of rich neutrals and some really bright and sparkly colors, for when you’re feeling playful.

The Loose Pigment eye shadow is exactly that – a tube of colored powder with sparkle. The powder is slightly creamy, so it goes on smoothly. The color is rich. With a primer, the powder will stay put for the better part of the workday or a night out.

This really is fun stuff.

Urban Decay suggests using “a little for a sheer wash of color, or layer for bold, shimmering hues.”
But the packaging isn’t very user friendly. The delivery is similar to mascara or nail polish. A brush is built into the lid, and you’re supposed to dip the brush into the powder and apply to your eyelid.

First of all, this just doesn’t work. The opening just wide enough to fit the brush, so tapping off any extra from said brush is next to impossible. Second, the brush is too small and too much like a nail polish brush instead of a make-up brush. It’s frustrating to use.

My solution is to keep a small ramekin in my makeup drawer, tap the power into the ramekin and use a real make-up brush to apply. Use this powder sparingly – a little bit goes a long way and you’ll have a hard time getting any extra back into the container.

KEEP OR TOSS: Keep, if only to add fun a dash of sparkly color to your eyes.

CHECK IT OUT: Take a look at all the colors at Urban Decay and keep an eye out for sales. Currently, the loose pigment tubes are going for $1 each!
-- Tested by Shay

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