Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ritz Hazan Foaming Gloss for Golden Tones

RATING (out of 5 stars): 4 stars

COST: $26 for 5 ounces

THE SKINNY: If you're looking to pep up the existing color in your hair, Ritz Hazan Foaming Gloss is for you.

But be warned: This isn't a miracle product. It's a gloss so the effects are subtle.

Foaming gloss is easy to use and feels gentle. It's a wet foam that you pump into the palm of your hand and apply to freshly-shampooed hair. Let it sit on for a few minutes (I did it in the shower), then

After shampooing, apply gloss and leave in for several minutes, then rinse out and use conditioner. The gloss does ease any brassiness in your golden color and adds a ton of highlights and shine that are most noticeable in direct sunlight.

I think for $26, it's a good investment.

Ritz Hazan says this product is safe enough to use every day, but I'm not sure I would do that to my hair because it's fine and can turn straw-like fairly easily. I used twice over a two-week stretch and didn't have any issues.

KEEP OR TOSS: Keep. This really will keep you from spending too much on salon highlights or over-processing your hair at home.

CHECK IT OUT: Ritz Hazan Foaming Gloss also comes in a shine booster and a product to tone down brassiness in blondes, brunettes and gray.

-- Tested by Shay

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