Monday, January 26, 2015

Dove Dry Spray

RATING (out of 5 stars): 4 stars

COST: $6.49

THE SKINNY: I have never liked spray antiperspirants. They just had a "yuck" feeling to them. Why spray on something wet to keep you dry?

Dove's new Dry Spray fixes that problem. It sprays on with a dry feeling, has a fresh smell and works as well as anything else out there.

I am especially happy about how it feels (as well as works). It did not dry out skin or make it flaky. It did not itch or burn (even after shaving).

And it did the job. The scent -- I had "Nourished" -- was fresh and clean but did not hang around too long. (There are five other varieties available.)

Another bonus of the spray product? No white marks when I pulled a black sweater over my head. Win!


CHECK IT OUT: You can find the new Dove line almost anywhere. I got my sample through the Bzzagent program. You can learn more about it here.

-- Tested by Carrie

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