Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lip

RATING (out of 5 stars): 3 stars

COST: $22

THE SKINNY: I held on to my tube of Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lip for a few weeks before I used it. It was SO PINK in the tube.

But the color (Garnet) really calmed down once applied. It left a nice rosiness but was not obnoxious in any way. (It's actually subtle enough for work.)

The gloss has a sweet taste -- almost like Kool-Aid -- and felt really nice on. It has some great moisturizing oils and ingredients like strawberry, coconut and avocado oil.

It's a little gummy, which is typical of many glosses, but has some lasting power. Just don't wear it out in the wind.


CHECK IT OUT: This item came in a recent POPSugar Must-Have Box (I love these things!). There are 11 colors available from Sephora.

-- Tested by Carrie

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