Thursday, June 26, 2014

24clearit Acne Treatment System

RATING (out of 5 stars): 4 stars

COST: $39.95

THE SKINNY: The 24clearit Acne Treatment System is a four-step skin care system similar to products such as Proactiv. But I like 24clearit a lot better.

While I did change the instructions a little to suit my skin, it was a lot more nurturing and less drying than other treatment plans. I used the kit for 30 days and saw a pretty significant difference.

Even as a 30-something, acne tends to pop up. But I need something that does not stress my skin out. The day and night moisturizers in this kit left my face feeling pretty awesome and the cleanser was easy to use and did not feel too medicinal.

Plus, my somewhat unpredictable skin looks better -- fewer blackheads and pop-up zits -- than it has in a while. This system does warn that some drying is possible when you are starting the program but 72 percent of users started seeing results within the first two weeks of use (so these things cancel each other out).

Here's how to use the kit:

And this is how I used it:
  • Cleanser -- Once per day
  • Toner -- Occasionally, but most often after a post-workout shower
  • AM Treatment -- Every other day before makeup
  • PM Treatment -- Every other night, opposite of the AM treatment


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-- Tested by Carrie

DISCLOSURE: Total Beauty Shops provided the product for this review.
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